Brian Lambert is a multifaceted musical artist hailing from Denton, Texas, known for his genre-bending music that incorporates elements of punk, shoegaze, and rock, blended with the narrative style of songwriting reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen. He has just released a 12 minute ball of indie rock fury, that has been described as “Garage rock at it's finest.”. His recent work includes the singles "Never Back Down" and "Face Master," as well as his album "Wild," which has been described as a journey through a variety of sounds, showcasing Lambert's talent for creating music that is both emotive and invigorating​

"Wild" is Lambert's latest album, a sonic odyssey that defies conventional boundaries to offer listeners a unique blend of garage rock, grunge, lo-fi horror hip-hop, and more. The album includes standout tracks such as its title song "Wild," a Halloween favorite "Don’t Tease The Zombies," and creative covers like Gorillaz' "Clint Eastwood" and Nirvana's "Breed." Lambert's love for horror movies infuses this album with a unique, captivating layer, adding depth and intrigue to his music​

​Lambert has described his current musical style as akin to '80s pop with punk undertones, driven by narrative songwriting. This style is evident in both his solo projects and his work with The Star Crumbles, an alt-rock band that showcases an '80s new wave influence. Lambert's creative process varies, often starting with acoustic guitar sessions and evolving into full productions, demonstrating his instinctual and varied approach to music-making. He's also notable for his "52 Week Music Production Challenge," where he produced and released a new track weekly for an entire year, showcasing his dedication to his craft​

​Beyond his solo career, Lambert is also known for his collaboration with The Star Crumbles, bringing an additional layer to his already diverse musical portfolio. His ability to blend different genres and styles, along with his storytelling prowess, marks him as a standout artist in the contemporary music scene. Lambert's music not only invites listeners to enjoy the melody and rhythms but also to engage with the deeper emotional and narrative layers of his songs.

Brian Lambert's electric stage presence and unyielding passion for music have established him as a distinguished artist in today's world. Whether performing solo, with his latest tunes, or with his band, his music possesses a unique power to uplift and inspire, cementing his status as a contemporary rock and roll icon.

Praise for Lambert's work underscores his impact:


“Everything’s a Business” hits me as a culmination of all of these happenings at once. It posesses the earthy, straight up Rock and Roll swagger of “Wild,” the larger-than-life sound that came with “Never Back Down / Face Master,” and a dynamic vocal performance familiar to anyone who’s had the pleasure of attending his live performances.” - Audio Mirage Studios
Lambert’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries and his unwavering dedication to his craft shine through in every note. In the ever-evolving indie music scene, Lambert remains a true rock and roll hero for the modern age.” - Indie Music Flix


Lambert’s fearless approach to music allows him to create songs that are not just heard but experienced. In a musical landscape that often favors conformity, Brian Lambert stands as a true original.” - Edgar Allen Poets

Edgar Allen Poets

...big-hearted indie rock reflects an impeccably crafted blend of eclectic interests. ” - Marc Schuster


...Lambert’s taken a step back to reshape at his own style, leading him to cozy up more to the likes of Grimes and Spoon than to the classic country folk acts he’s historically been compared to. That’s not to say that Lambert doesn’t still carry the standing of songwriters like Ol’ Hank and Dylan, but this new undertaking of indie rock is undeniably refreshing to hear, especially in this year of surprises and hard left turns. ” - Jack Anderson


Immediately upon pressing play on the song, it’s clear that “Ready To Begin” represents a significant step into indie rock for the performer, reminding us of the days when Death Cab for Cutie still made memorable music, circa 2000 to 2015. But, to paraphrase an infamous line from The O.C. about Death Cab, this song is not simply one guitar and a whole lot of complaining. Pretty far from it, actually. In fact, it’s all about embarking a new start without complaining.” - Eric Grubbs

Central Track

Honing his craft Lambert - who has been compared to such artists as Tom Petty and Hank Williams - has been finding inspiration and writing songs since he was a teenager. Now, his blend of country, folk and rock has made him a fixture on the Texas music scene.” - Jessica De Leon

Denton County Magazine

With Country Music Jesus, Lambert pairs memorable melodies with relatable stories of relationships, heartache, and life experiences with which you’ll connect.”

The Daily Country

...the love child of Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams. ”

The Dentonite